Occurences in Europe

The 'ghost ship' see bottm of page

King Edward III was king of England at the time of the Bubonic plague spread.

He died in 1377 of gonorrhea

From 1315-1317, there was a great famine that wiped out lots of people and weakened the them greatly.

The Hundred Year War raged, in which England claimed Calais for it's own, therefore forcing the plague upon them.

The civil war in the Byzantium Empire in India ended abruptly.


King Edward III issues the Most Noble Order of the Garter, which is like the Nobel Peace Prize.

A truce between England and France was made that lasted to 1532.


The Jews are rounded up and burned to death, because people thought they put poison in the wells, killing off people.

History of the Bubonic Plague


In May, a ship carrying, and fleeing, the Bubonic Plague from Genoa, docked in Constantinople, contaminating the great city.


The Bubonic Plague reaches Cairo, Egypt


In May, the plague ceases in Ireland

The plague reaches Norway, after a ship carrying the disease from England drifts to Bergen, with everybody on board dead.  What I'd call a real ghost ship!

Scary, huh! Just goes to show you what can happen when something as powerful as this disease comes around! It infected the entire world of Europe in a span of 3 years!